We are passionate about qigong. ‘Qi’ (Engergy) “Gong” (Work) is about internal health and healing for body, mind and spirit. Lots more stuff about qigong here…….

What is Qigong?

Qigong (pronounced “chi – kung”) is a system of self rejuvenation. It uses slow meditative movements, controlled breathing and calmness of mind.

Health qigong is a mixture of exercise, treatment, dance and meditation.
All movements have their basis in nature and are slow, measured and performed within the students capability level.

Qigong has been renowned in China for centuries for its health benefits and has recently been the subject of much scientific research which has supported the theories.

Findings re health benefits have included:

  • increased muscle strength and flexibility
  • improved lower back pain
  • better blood circulation
  • help in combating stress and depression
  • better functioning of internal organs, beneficial to people suffering from diabetes, heart problem, kidney problems etc.
  • reduced high blood pressure
  • improvement on mental attitude and power of perception
  • improvement on flexibility of joints, thus beneficial to people with Arthritis.
  • reduced loss of calcium thus improve bone density, thus beneficial to people suffer from Osteoporosis
    cardiovascular and respiratory functions are markedly improved


One of the many great things about qigong is that you do not need any special equipment to practice it!

Most people train bare footed as we have a special floor. If you would rather: indoor, flat, flexible shoes so that you can move easily are best. Loose clothing so that you can move about freely and so that the qi is not restricted.