Purple Belt Non-Grading

What is the Purple Belt?

All belts (apart from white) are received after attending a grading where you are assessed and given a belt that is thought to be at your skill level. However, a purple belt is a unique belt for people who do not wish to attend these gradings, as sometimes grading can create unnecessary anxiety.

Therefore, a wearer of the purple belt can attend Taekwondo classes and learn at their leisure without the added stress of gradings.

What would they learn?

Unlike other belts which have a set curriculum, purple belts do not. Therefore, they will learn what the instructor feels they are ready for.

For example, a new purple belt with no prior experience may start learning content white belts would learn. Or a more experienced purple belt may learn content similar to a green belt.


Wabi Sabi Academy is apart of the BTA. The BTA holds tournaments and competitions for things like Sparring and Poomsae. However, due to purple belt not being an officially recognised belt, you may not be able to compete in these if you wished to.

However, Wabi Sabi Academy also holds its own competitions, in which you will be able to enter at a level your instructor feels you ready for you to compete at.

Grade again

If you wish to grade, your instructor will assess your skills and knowledge from what they have seen. to get an approximate idea of a fitting belt. From there, you will be given a syllabus that spans 3 grades to see where you sit.