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Re Qi Gong Classes!

As many of you already know, QiGong classes have been postponed until after COVID has cleared up, and we have an appropriate venue. 
Regardless, we have decided to keep our Qi moving by running online classes courtesy of the fabulous technology we have access to!
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We are a family friendly, traditional style Taekwondo school, taking students from 3 years old upwards. Self-Defence is very important to us. We believe that it is better to be armed with the knowledge and skills before you need it!

We are passionate about qigong. ‘Qi’ (Engergy) “Gong” (Work) is about internal health and healing for body, mind and spirit. Lots more stuff about qigong here……. What is Qigong? Qigong (pronounced “chi – kung”) is a system of self rejuvenation.

Wabi-Sabi is proud to host a range of events including our Spoken Word Poetry Night ‘Gong Fu Poets’.